Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Wasted Day!

Sometimes when I write this blog it forces me to acknowledge what I have done in a day.  And to be frank I have done NOTHING today.  Literally, I mean for the most part I really did nothing.  

So here is the story of the day that Zack and I led.  We got up around 6:30AM because I woke up and couldn’t fall back asleep.  As soon as I am up that means that Lex hears me and he gets up which in turn means that Zack ends up getting waking up.  We got up and I promptly got Zack breakfast at which point I went and showered.  As soon as I was done with my shower I was feeling tired so I crawled back in bed and feel asleep until almost 8:30AM.

After that I got up and did a couple of loads of clothes in the laundry.  By the time the laundry was done it was time for the Steeler game to come on at 11:00AM.  At this point I plunked down on the couch and literally did not move until almost 5:00PM at the conclusion of the Patriots/Colts game.  I did a few think like worked on my iTunes library.  (I am trying to get my music better organized.)  But that was about it.  I made Zack some lunch at lunch time and then I made dinner for all 3 of us.  

So what did Zack do through out this day?  I let him play a little bit of video games, but he also spent a large part of early afternoon watching the Steeler game with me.  After that he was up to his normal stuff of reading and doing things in his room.  I think he did a bunch more stuff than I did today as he spent at least 2 hours working on home work. He did all that while I was watching the Patriots/Colts game this afternoon.

So I sit here typing this blog entry at 6:15PM and realize that I wasted a day of my life.  Gees – stupid I guess, but I had absolutely no motivation to do a thing!

Hope you all had much more productive days than did I!

Peace! ~J


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