Friday, March 28, 2014

Zack - Harry Potter Boy

What kids do at school on a daily basis is normally a big mystery to their parents.  Millions of times each day a parent somewhere asks their child, "So what did you do at school today?"  Ninety-nine percent of the time the answer receive from the child is "nothing".  It's a rare event when a parent gets some real feedback on what their kid does at school.

The other day, I was lucky to receive some of that feedback when I looked in Zack's backpack and made him clean it out.  It was a mess!  There was a ton of papers in there that were obviously classwork that he had done at some point and then just stuffed into his backpack.  He has chosen never to use his assigned locker at school so everything ends up in his backpack.

He dumped everything out and then put the stuff he needed into the backpack.  A large pile of disorganized paper was left on the counter.  He sped off to to catch the bus and I sighed as I organized this pile of "garbage" so that he could go through it when he came home and pitch the stuff he really didn't need and take the rest to his room.

I came across a paper that he had written for his English class and it brought a smile to my face, so I decided that I had to post it here because it was interesting and it gave me a window into how he perceives himself.  (It was some kind of poetry assignment that was to detail something special about themselves from what I have been able to gather.)

Here's what Zack wrote:

Harry Potter Boy

I am Zack, Harry Potter Boy!
Due to some medical mumbo, jumbo of some sort or another,
I would have died if I was born on time.
I say it's mumbo, jumbo not because I don't care,
But they didn't didn't know what was wrong.
Medical Miracles even in 1998,
I survived by a process of induced birth!
My parents picked the day of my birth based on their favorite books by JK Rowling.
Thus I was born on July 31st
Year pass my mother dies...
But still...
I have a constant reminder of her love - my birthday.
I am Zack, Harry Potter Boy!