Friday, November 26, 2010

Ten Miles on Foot and a Nuggets Game

There is a ton I want to write tonight about our 10 mile hike today in Deer Creek Canyon Open Space.  The goal of ten miles was inspired by one of our neighbors who needed a 10 mile hike to finish his hiking merit badge for Boy Scouts.  He didn't have anyone else to hike with so he asked Zack and me to accompany him. 

I'll write much more about all of this tomorrow as we just came home from the Nuggets game and Zack is still up and about.  I am getting him to bed then going to bed myself.  I am trying to set a standard schedule for sleeping with the hope that I might get my mind to rest and come down from this anxiety driven jag I have been on since September 28th.  So far it is NOT working.

Til tomorrow - peace!  ~J.


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