Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Cleaning of My House and It's Meaning to Me

Over the last several weeks I have talked extensively about the cleaning of my house that I am doing.  In two cases - Zack’s room and my office I have even taken the before and after photos to show what I have done.

In my mind the cleaning of the house is like cleaning my mind and soul.  Through my own actions I have created a situation in my mind that is jumbled and chaotic.  I don’t want this situation in my mind any more.  I want order and clarity.  I need this to be able to create the kind of life that I want. 

I don’t know what created this situation in my mind – was it there before Patty got sick or was it a result of all the stuff that happened.  I would like to be charitable to myself and say that it is all a result of Patty’s illness, but I realize that is probably not the situation.  I need to look inside myself and realize that for whatever reason I have failed some basic principles of goodness in my heart and soul.  I need to resolve them!

Today was pretty much a wasted day for me.  I did something really stupid yesterday afternoon which has continued to affect me today.  Yesterday afternoon we were over at Tim and Celinde’s and Cole was showing off some tricks on his bike.  He and one of his friends have built a huge ramp on which to jump there bikes.  And by huge I mean it is about 3 feet tall – not one of those huge X-Game type ramps!

Well – you can imagine where this is going.  I thought “Gee – I can do that too”.  Well needless to say I couldn’t do that.  I made the run up to the ramp using Cole’s bike and I froze.  I slowed down and ended up doing a header off right off the ramp.  I flipped the bike and I ended up crashing into the pavement.  Thankfully I was wearing a helmet so there wasn’t any damage I could do to my head.  But I did smash my right elbow into the pavement and got a horrible road rash as I ripped off a lot of skin.

Thankfully the injury wasn’t too bad, but it jarred me so that much of much of my body aches.  So I really didn’t do much today except watch football games.

Zack was there when I crashed but thankfully he wasn’t too freaked out by the situation.  He heard me saying “I’m alright” right after the crash so he didn’t get too wound up.

Well we hope everyone has had a great weekend! 

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.


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