Thursday, November 25, 2010

Be Thankful

It is 10:00PM on Thanksgiving Evening and I am watching the news.  The top story of the news day is about "Black Friday" sales that are beginning this evening.  Wow - is that all that Thanksgiving is about anymore?  To me it seems kind of silly and sad.

For me the thought of what today is about is something different.  It has nothing to do with sales or Black Friday - but it has to do with family and helping people.  I won't go into the details but it was something that took me a good bit of time today but helped out people who were close to me.  (Not trying to pat myself on my back.)  It pretty much took away my entire morning, but it helped out - so it was worth it.

Really it would be good if we all thought about what "giving" thanks means.  I don't think I do a good job at it, but I know I want to try and do better.  And I certainly don't want it to be about physical possessions or good - hopefully I have never made giving thanks about that.

Anyway - I am keeping it short tonight because I am sleepy and would really like to sleep the night through.

Be thankful!


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