Friday, November 5, 2010

A Very, Very, Very, Very Long Day

Tonight's post is going to be relatively short as I have just arrived home from the Nuggets game.  I left very early in the 3rd quarter as I was just tired and wanted to get home.  The Nuggets were part of a double header on ESPN tonight.  Unfortunately there's was the last game so it didn't even start until 8:30PM.

Today started at a very early hour when I woke up with a start around 4:15AM.  Hard as I could try I could not get back to sleep and so at 5:00AM I decided to get out of bed and head to the gym.  (I am sure Shelly would be very proud of me these days as I routinely get to the gym before 5:30AM over one half of the days of the week.  When she lived here she wanted a companion for her early morning trips to the gym and I never came through for her.)

After an hour work out I was home by 6:20AM and got Zack off to school.  I thought today was going to be D-Day in the fact that he was supposed to bring home his report card but they were not given out today.  After I got Zack off to school I took care of a bunch of things for work and then was off to Bonfils to donate platelets.  Today my platelet count was high enough that they could take 2 units off of me.  After that it was home for a quick time and then during my lunch hour I was off to talk with my therapist.  (There is a lot to say from that appointment, but I will write about that tomorrow.)

After my appointment I came home for a little bit and then picked Zack up from the bus stop and took him to his therapist appointment.  Once again there was a lot to talk about with Dr. Jane today.

After Zack's appointment we headed home so that I could go downtown for the 7:00PM happy hour of the "New Kid In Town" group of Meetup.  The happy hour proved to me that if I wanted to I could make lots and lots of friends and live the "single lifestyle".  However it also proved to me that what I want the most is that stable loving relationship with Shelly.  I would have much rather spent the time with her enjoying a dinner at Pizza Republica as I stated yesterday.  I talked to a bunch of people but there was now of the intimacy and comfort that I shared every second of every day with Shelly.  I certainly did meet some interesting folks at the happy hour.  The most interesting was this guy by the name of Lou who is as bald as a queue ball and who has the attitude of a hardened New Yorker and he is not from New York!  He definitely kept me on my "verbal toes" and kept me laughing during a lengthy discussion.

After spending an hour and a half at happy hour I headed over to the Pepsi Center to catch the Nuggets game.  The game was not that great and I was exhausted so I left at the beginning of the 3rd quarter.  Since I was by myself it really didn't matter.  My brother Tim had decided to bail on me as his family was still recovering from the exhaustion of their cruise over Fall Break.  All-in-all it was an OK night but there are other ways in which I certainly would have rather spent the night.  I think this will be my last foray into the Denver night (with the exception of going to Nuggets games) for a good while to come!

Well - I am off to bed now as tomorrow Zack and I have a big adventure lined up.  I will be certain to dedicate more time to my writing tomorrow as there is a big adventure to write about and I wanted to relay a point from my psychologist appointment of yesterday.

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.


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