Monday, November 8, 2010


Do you ever play one of those games within your mind where you say "if so and so happens, then this other thing is going to happen"?  I will admit I play those games in my head a lot.  When I was a kid I used to play they all the time.  I remember doing this with making basketball shots.  We had a basketball hoop attached to our garage.  Once all my brothers and sisters went to college, I would spend spring and summer evenings out shooting basketball.  (I sucked at it so I was never really any good.)  But I remember playing the game that if I could shoot 20 or 30 baskets in a row (from a short distance mind you) then Maria X (I'll let her last name out to spare her embarrassment) liked me.  I never figured out whether she liked me or not as I was too shy to ask her out and I only ever made my shot goal 1 or 2 times out of several hundred tries.

Anyway - my point in relaying this story is I have been playing a lot of these games in my head these days.  Of course you can imagine what it is all about.   "If X Y or Z happens that Shelly and I will get back together".  OK - there is no rationale behind any of this.  But sometimes it is a game that you have to play.  When I used to fly all the time I would play that game as to whether or not the airplane would crash or not.  Silly - I know!

I have played this game for weeks now and the absolutely scary thing is with only one exception everything has come out right.  Ahhhh...  the really weird one was one that happened today.  I am not going into details but it is by far one of the weirdest coincidences that has occurred in my life.  I can only hope that means that things will work out in the end run between the two of us.

On a couple of other notes - it is Monday Night Football night and the Steelers are playing tonight.  So that has been a notable distraction for me.  They just did the highlights from the past weekend which included the Browns win over the Patriots.  Umm...  the QB for the Browns is Colt McCoy, I am starting to think the Browns got a much better deal than what the Broncos did when they traded up to get Tim Tebow.  Sorry - football is the one sport that I actually follow.

I will be going to Boulder tomorrow.  I didn't go today as it just didn't make any sense as my client counterpart was out today.

Not much else to say for the day.  I just hope what appears to be coincidences are not coincidences and are real indicators of what the future holds.

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.


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