Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Early Morning Post for A Change

It's not yet 4:00AM and I have already been awake for an hour.  I can't slept so I have been up doing stuff.  I got a load of clothes that I had washed last night put in the dryer so I will have my comfortable work out clothes ready for the gym here in just a bit.

I plan to be at the gym by 5:15AM at the latest which will allow me to get in a good hour long workout before I need to be home directing Zack on his way to get ready to go to school.  My work day today is probably going to be a bit hectic as I am getting down to the wire on this project.  After work I have to take Zack to a swimming lesson.  That means it will probably be a take in dinner, through I do have the fixings for fresh pasta with meat sauce in the refrigerator.  Depending upon who tired I am after I just might try and get out of the house and see a movie once Zack is in bed.  On the other hand I might be asleep before Zack.

Zack will have school off on Friday.  So we have re-arranged his psychologist appoint for 9AM so that he can go to his cousin's b-day part which starts at 4;00PM.  It looks like after the party is done Z and I are going to pack up Lex and head to the mountains for the rest of the weekend.  I'll take a bunch of work with me but it will be good to get up there and get some significant exercise and then relax!

I hope everyone is still a sleep and has a great day!

Peace! ~J.


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