Friday, November 19, 2010

Life, Life and More Life... The Generations March On...

This is going to seem like a weird observation but it was something that I observed this evening while watching a movie.  The movie that I was watching is called “The Young Sherlock Holmes”.  (I was the only one watching it because Zack decided he was going to go play with stuff in his room!)  I think the movie came out in 1985 or 1986 – I remember going to see it at the King’s Court Movie Theater near Carnegie Mellon sometime when I was a sophomore or junior.

The movie is set in the 1870’s or 1880’s and it is about Sherlock Holmes when he was a teenager.  It sounds kind of hokey, but it is a good movie.  It was written by Chris Columbus and produced by Steven Speilberg, so there is a fair amount of talent behind it.

The observation that I had about this movie was pretty simple.  It depicts the life of a lot of people back in the Victorian period.  It is just amazing to think how many millions and billions of people have come before us.  Each one of those people has had their dreams, hopes, goals, nightmares and painful experiences.  We all go through them and yet life keeps moving forward.

The sets for this movie are truly amazing as it really looks like what I think Victorian England would look like.  It is interesting to just think of all those people who lived and flourished during those times.  They did so many different things – that back then were the norm for their time.  Think of how different it is than the world we live in now.  But the basics were still the same – they people wanted to be happy, healthy and successful.  No too much different than we want to be today.

In the end run we all have choices about how we handle things and what we do.  And those choices and decisions are repeated countless times with slight variations by the generations of people that have occurred since the beginning of time.  There is nothing to say that anything I decide or feel is special or different than the countless generations that have come before me.

It is just kind of a weird thought on a Friday evening.  It is hard to really explain all that I am thinking regarding this.  But….  I just had to put this out on the blog.  I am not sure that it makes any sense whatsoever, but I felt I needed to write about it.

Additionally, if you have never seen “The Young Sherlock Holmes” I do recommend you go and rent it from NetFlix or Blockbuster or wherever.  (I got it for $5 from on DVD from Walmart.)

Peace! ~J.


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