Friday, July 10, 2009

Weak, weak, weak

Ok - I have a problem! I was just re-reading what I wrote earlier and it is soooooo weak! It is like I am having writer's block! Besides not having good blog posts my Facebook statuses are sucking too. My last couple of Facebook statuses were so bad that a few of my friends (Ruben - I am of course not thinking of you!! - LOL) were mocking me. Oh well, I will definitely search for some revitalization of my thoughts while Zack and I are out hiking tomorrow.
I still haven't finalized exactly where we are going to hike, but I am starting to lean towards hiking somewhere near the South Platte not far from Deckers. There are some great hiking opportunities in that area. I am tempted to take Lex with us and let him spend some time in the South Platte swimming. But then if I do that, Zack and I will not be able to stop at Bud's Bar in Sedalia and have Bud's famous cheeseburgers.
Zack and I have had an interesting history with Buds's. We have always talked about going there and we final did last fall. Unfortunately on the way home Zack proceeded to get sick and puked up his cheeseburger all over the car. Let's just say - that was nasty! For clarity sake... there was nothing wrong with the burger - I had forgotten to give Zack a medication before we left the house and as a result he puked.
I will clearly try and do a better job with my posts in the coming days. I feel bad that they have been lacking my normal zip and zing.
Have a great night!

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