Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Latest Video

It took almost 10 hours but my video finally finished uploading to YouTube over night. I can't believe that it took that long. I have DSL so it's not like I am running over dial up - but it still took 10 hours. Gees is all I can say. The quality of the video is pretty good and if you expand it to full screen mode it comes across pretty well. (The best way to view the video is to click on it and then go to YouTube and watch it there. If you watch it on the YouTube site, you can expand it to be full-screen.) It still doesn't have the quality as when I am playing it directly on my laptop, but I still think it is pretty good on YouTube. All of these pictures have been taken over the last several years during my hikes here in Colorado. I literally have thousands of pictures like these that I have taken. I will probably build a couple more video's like this as I think it gives me the opportunity to show off some of my more "creative talents". I hope that you enjoy! Thanks and peace to all! - J.

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