Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pictures... From Attempt on Mt. Lincoln (14,286 ft)

Monday is complete and now on to Tuesday! I don't want to make everyone think I hate Mondays but I DO! Look back on your life - when are all the good memories made that last you a life time - weekends, vacations and holidays. How many memorable memories are made during the work week - probably not that many. OK - I am just kind of kidding about that, but right now with the all the pressure of work and managing Zack through the day-to-day existence of school or day-camp, work weeks are tough! Enough of my simple minded complaints about the work week. Onto the important stuff. Here are some of the pictures that I took during our hike up to the summit of Mt. Lincoln - elevation 14286. I will probably make some of these into another slide show once I find some good music to include in the slide show. Otherwise it was a low key day for us. I was very busy with work and Zack had a good fun day at WCCK day camp. This evening we had a lot of fun by rocking out to some really loud music. We were playing a bunch of Nine Inch Nails songs on my iPod and the iPod docking station. We had it VERY loud, so loud I am sure some of my neighbors could hear us. Oh well - no one came to my door so I would guess all my neighbors were OK with it. Anyway - enjoy the pictures!

Zack at the car waiting for us to start the hike. Kite Lake from one of the steep sections of trail. From this angle you can't tell, but the lake is in the shape of a kite. Zack resting by a sign post.

Jerry by the same sign post. (I look like crap in these pictures!) Photo op while on the "saddle" between Mt. Democrat and Mt. Cameron/Mt. Lincoln.

Mt. Lincoln summit block from Mt. Cameron. Isn't this a desolate, but beautiful place? Zack on the summit of Mt. Lincoln looking for the USGS marker to verify that he has actually reached the summit. The two of us on the summit! Zack on his way back down the mountain. It's hard to tell in this picture but he is carrying two rocks. Why he has to collect every interesting rock he finds I haven't the slightest idea! I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures and that everyone's week is off to a great start! Thanks and peace to all! - J.

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Posey Lynn Poole said...

You are inspiration to all dads and parents. God Bless You.