Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Little Bit Delayed - Rockies Game Photos

This is a little bit later than I wanted to be posting these, but here are some of the pictures from the Rockies game flag presentation. I got to say it was really fun to do this. We got to see areas of Coors field that as a common person you never get to see.
I think Zack had a lot of fun with it. He didn't seem phased by the fact that he would be carrying the US Flag in front of tens of thousands of people. To him it was just another boy scout flag ceremony - like the dozens he has done before at his pack meetings.
It was just something very neat to do! Anyway here are some pictures from the event.
Zack hanging out waiting for us to be let into the stadium through the "special entrance".
Z and the other scouts along with me and Sean McCurdy.
The flag was awfully big for Zack. But he did a great job keeping it held high and off the ground.
Waiting to walk out onto the field.
Holding the flags right before the singing of the national anthem.
Hanging out during a break in the action of the game.


Posey Lynn Poole said...

Wow! That was a large flag. My son is joining the scouts this year and I am really looking forward to it. My daughter is in the Girl Scout's and they have a blast! You and your son have had such a large summer!! Now time for school! :(

Jerry Kromer said...

Scouts are definitely fun for the kids. I will admit I was afraid he was going to drop the flag as it was like 2 times larger than him!

ET-TA said...

I will agree with you both that Scouts provide an awesome opportunityfor kids! Keep them in as long as you can, the opportunities just get better. I was a girl scout all through highschool and I got to do a flag ceremony for the Vice President of the United States, travel to Africa, and won a scholarship for college.