Thursday, July 23, 2009

This Weekend's Quest - 3 Fourteeners at Once

Much deliberation has been put into our quest for this coming weekend. After reading many of my hiking books, Zack and I have determined that we make an attempt to summit 3 different 14er's this weekend. That might sound extreme and it might well be extreme, but given the geography of these mountains I feel we have pretty good possibility of making it happen.
The mountains we are planning to conquer this weekend are Mount Lincoln, Mount Bross and Mount Democrat. These 3 mountains are all located in an arc around Kite Lake outside of Alma, Colorado. We have read the different routes that we could take to summit them and have decided upon a route that is steeper and a little bit technically difficult, but gives us the best chance to reach the summits of all three mountains before the afternoon storms begin.
So at the conclusion of work tomorrow I am going to pick Zack up from day camp and head to the mountains. We will spend the night in our condo in Silverthorne and then rise very early on Saturday morning for the 30 mile drive to Kite Lake. My goal is for us to be on the trail by 7:00AM Saturday morning.
Here are the stats on the mountains we are planning to climb:
Mount Lincoln: At 14,286 it is the highest peak in the Tenmile - Mosquito Range, the eighth highest peak in Colorado and 38th highest mountain in North America.
Link to info on Mount Lincoln:
Mount Bross: At 14,172 feet it is the 22nd highest mountain in Colorado. It is a flat topped mountain and is one of the easier 14er's to climb.
Link to info on Mount Bross:
Mount Democrat: At 14,148 it is the 28th highest mountain in Colorado. This mountain is literally pockmarked with old mines everywhere! I have climbed this one before and it offers fantastic views of the entire continental divide.
Link to info on Mount Democrat:
I am really quite excited to attempt these 3 mountains in one day. If we can successfully climb all three it will be quite an accomplishment for both Zack and me. We are both pumped up and ready to accomplish this. It's yet another example of us both living life at "full throttle"!
Given the timing of our travels tomorrow I clearly do not expect to take my laptop with me to the mountains - so I won't be posting any updates tomorrow. Hopefully if all goes well I will post a trip report on Saturday and then photos or a slide show on Sunday.
Thanks and peace to all! - J.

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