Friday, July 31, 2009

Sleepy, Sleepy, Sleepy!

Normally I never provide updates like this during the workday. But this morning I am going to take 15 minutes and update my blog during work hours!
I really meant to update last night but to be honest I pretty much passed out once I got Zack to bed. No I didn't drink too much alcohol or anything like that - I was just exhausted. Yesterday I gave platelets and plasma and I think it just wiped me out totally! My platelets were lower than normal (they go up and down all the time - no big deal) so they only took one unit of platelets but TWO units of plasma. I think they fact that they took two units of platelets really wiped me out. But it was of course for a good cause - saving someone else's life!
The main reason I wanted to update yesterday was that I made a huge decision yesterday. So far this summer Zack and I have not taken a vacation other than going to our condo for a couple of days. Given that Zack's school starts in a little bit more than 3 weeks I decided the time had come and I purchased tickets for a trip. We leave next Wednesday August 5 for France for 8 days. It won't be anything too exotic or anything. We are just going to Paris. I have been there before but Zack never has and he has always expressed an interest in going. So it was a totally and completely spur of the moment thing, but I looked for tickets and a hotel yesterday and I found them both responsibly priced.
We are staying in a hotel about 1/4 of mile away from Notre Dame which to me is very nice as we will be in walking distance of many of the key attractions of Paris - The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, The Musee D'Orsay, etc. So Zack has a little bit of other experiences in Europe, I think we are going to take a train and go visit Brussels - but we'll see depending upon how much fun we are having in Paris.
I'll provide more details when I update again later. Today is a hugely important day as it is Zack's 11th B-Day!
Thanks and peace to all! - J.


tcsTenor said...

HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY, ZACH! Woo Hooooo!!!! You DA Z-MAN!
Robin in TX

ET-TA said...

Happy Birthday Zack!

Or as the French would say:

Bon Anniversaire!!!