Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Creative Effort - Delayed!

This evening I finished working on a video that I have been pulling together for the last several days. With my Mac I find that I am able to be very creative in terms of sharing and exhibiting the large number of photos that I take. Unfortunately given the size of the video, 420 meg - it is taking a while to upload. I started the upload around 7:3oPM and at 10:30PM it still has about 290 meg to go. So it won't make today's blog post. This most recent video I have assembled does not have any people in it. It is an assembly of about 4 dozen nature photographs that I have taken in the last several years. I am not in the league of John Fielder (famous Coloradan nature photographer) but I think I did a pretty decent job with many of these pictures. My hope for later this year is to be able to afford a professional quality Digital SLR camera and associated set of lenses. The price tag for that is pretty darn high so it going to take a bit of savings or a big turn around in the stock market to make that happen. Once I am able to buy that new camera, I will be getting much more serious about doing a better job with my pictures. The key thing I will have to change about my pictures is when I take them. Yes - it is hard to believe but I am going to have to get up early as the best time to take nature photos is either very early in the morning when the sun is coming up or late in the evening when the sun is going down. Pictures taken in the middle of the day lose much of the vibrancy of their color as the sun has a tendency to wash the finer details out of the picture. As long as the upload to Youtube doesn't time out over night, I will highlight the video in tomorrow's blog entry. I think it is pretty darn cool myself. I hope everyone enjoys it! Thanks and peace to all! - J.

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