Monday, July 20, 2009

Mt. Bierstadt Video and Recommendations Please

Well after battling with my Mac and my Internet connection for a good chunk of last night and into the morning, I FINALLY managed to get this video posted to YouTube. I felt it was a miracle! A couple of points about the video. 1. All of these photos were taken during our attempt on Mt. Bierstadt on Saturday July 18, 2009. We did make the summit! 2. In many of the photos you will notice numerous people in the background. That is because on Saturday I would estimate that between 500 and 700 people attempted to climb Bierstadt. So in general there were a lot of people around. 3. I HATE the soundtrack on this video. I had to pick one of the "copyright free" soundtracks from YouTube's archive. The version I have on my Mac with "Heaven is a Place on Earth" is so much better, but it would get blasted away by YouTube's copyright infringement protection software. 4. Does anyone have any idea where to get good music that you can use for soundtracks that is copyright free? I have looked around YouTube and many other websites and most of the copyright free music isn't that good. Does anyone do this kind of thing and have any recommendations? With all that said - here is the video. For those of you who follow me on Facebook, this is the same video that I put out there today. I hope you enjoy and don't laugh too hard because of the soundtrack. Peace to all! - J.


ET-TA said...

The music is pretty hokey, but props on the rest.

CHICK said...

Hi... I see you and the little guy keep yourselves very busy and experiencing new adventures along the way, sounds like a good way to maintain a healthy mind and soul, good for you. As of this month you have most likely been through most of the "first "I find these have a way of pulling me back into the hole, but I do try to be thankful for the things I do have, and remember Brenda would be very upset with me to not move on . She always had such a wonderful perspective on living and life. I know the raw pain will lessen with time and I am so lucky to have the memories I have. I praise you for you for your outlook and moving on. Thanks for the comment and for remembering her, these are for sure the things that make you feel, "Hey" thats someone who knows exactly where you've been and where you still have to go.

Thanks again and keep up all the good things you are doing for your little guy, I would say he is a mighty lucky little boy to have you for a Daddy and Mommy.

Brenda's Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking us along on your hiking trek – truly spectacular visuals!!! Reminds me of my visit to CO back in ’01 sprinting to Loveland Pass and the great pix at Sapphire Point. The music – ok, a little elevator-like/ MU-Zacky, but enjoyable never the less. Taking my nieces to NYC tomorrow to see the Lion King on Broadway (and, as a special surprise meeting the cast back stage after the show – thanks to my cast member cousin Rema!!!) -- ME