Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Full Throttle!

“Full Throttle – If a person or a machine is at full throttle they are doing something as well and with as much energy as they can” (From the side of a can of Full Throttle Energy Drink by the Coca-Cola Company) Anyone who has ever spent more than a few hours in my house quickly comes to know that I am very into my energy drinks – in particular the energy drink called “Full Throttle”. I am not obnoxious about it and I usually only drink one a day, but it is something that gives me energy and that I enjoy. I suppose you could say that Full Throttle is one of my few unnecessary vices. But this post isn’t about the drink. It’s about living life at full throttle. It’s about living life with as much determination and passion as is possible. In the last several weeks anyone who has followed this blog has read my posts about remembering my late wife Patty. If you only read those posts it might seem that I was a melancholy person still reeling from the death of a person who meant the absolute world to me. But that is not the case. I have moved forward from the point in my life. Though the memories of that time will always be with me and have made me who I am today, it is part of my past. The “me” of today is all about living at full throttle. I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I want to live with as much passion, energy and enthusiasm for life as I can. To me living in any other way is just not living – it’s existing. I am determined to put it all on the table every day of my life and leave nothing behind. I don’t ever want to get to that place in life that I am looking back with regrets because I didn’t live with passion. Not too long a go I had a conversion with a person about living with passion. The point basically came down to why I was upset about a particular situation. I told the person that if I weren’t upset about the situation then the time and effort I put into the situation was wasted because in the end run the situation meant nothing to me. The other person couldn’t see my point of view at all. Looking back at this conversation in retrospect I have realized that so many people really don’t know what it is like to live with passion. Maybe they haven’t gone through the trauma that I have seen. Maybe they haven’t suffered the loss that I have. But in the end run, I feel like they are missing out on life because they don’t feel the passion for life – they don’t feel the emotion in their actions. Regardless of anything I will live at full throttle. I will set wildly unrealistic goals for myself and then strive every day to meet them. I will do the things I feel are right and not just what is easy to do. I will fight so very hard for the things I want and I will win and succeed. I will teach my son the importance of living his life with passion, energy and enthusiasm. My thoughts on this subject run deep. They are very hard to explain so that everyone might understand them. All I can say is that if you have ever been where I have been you probably understand and agreed with what I have espoused. I will write more on this subject in the coming weeks as there is much in my life that I am exploring and thinking about. Peace to all! – J.
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