Monday, July 20, 2009

Bloody Hell - YouTube and Facebook Stink!

It is almost 1:00AM and I am still up. What is my problem? Simple - I am trying to get my latest hiking video posted to YouTube. It has been a frustrating process this evening and I have wasted a bunch of time. Bugger is all I can say. My problems started when I used Belinda Carlisle's song "Heaven is Place on Earth" as the sound track for the video. Bad idea... Facebook rejected it outright as copyright infrigment and that was after I had spent 1.5 hours getting it to upload. Ok - so I editted it again using one of the copyright free songs that comes with the Mac. Then I attempted to upload it to YouTube. Five hours and 4 attempts later it still is not uploaded! For whatever reason the upload keeps on timing out. All I can say is that is a big pain in the arse! :-) Given my increasing use of video in my blogging, iReporting, etc, I am giving serious thought to finding out how much it would cost to put a T1 line into my house. Though I really suppose that is a hard cost to justify. Maybe later - LOL! On a totally different note... Tonight was episode II of the sixth season of the HBO show Entourage. I managed to catch it on DVR once Zack went to bed. I have always liked this show because it is just so quirky. The character played by Jeremy Priven - Ari Gold cracks the shit out of me. He continually makes me laugh. But from a realistic standpoint, I feel most aligned to the character played by Kevin Connelly - Eric (who for some reason has no last name). First of all - I am kind of similar to Kevin Connelly physically - go figure it out if you haven't watched the show. Second of all, my mentality and temperment are very much like the character - Eric. So it was very interesting to watch this evenings episode and see how his character dealt with "Sloan" and "Ashley". Would I have handled the situation the same way as Eric - umm... only I know that one and I am not telling! : -) (Yes - to have any understanding of what I am saying you have to watch the show.) Entourage is one of the few shows I tend to watch religiously from year-to-year. With the exception of Lost I don't know of any other shows that I follow like that. I used to follow BSG in the same way - but it is now off the air after 6 great years. If for some reason my DVR doesn't record either Lost or Entourage, I am searching the Internet to see if I can find the episode on some website or another. Well - my video is still uploading to YouTube, so I guess I will hang out for a bit more to ensure that it actually gets uploaded tonight so I can publish it here tomorrow. But I am going to sign off on tonight's blog entry. I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for the enjoyment of a new week. Peace to all! - J.

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