Saturday, July 25, 2009

We Did Amazing Things Today!

I am not really sure where to begin. This day has been an amazing day. There is much to write about but I am not sure that I have the energy and determination to do it now as I am so very tired.
I guess I will summarize now and then provide a lot more detail when I upload all the pictures to the blog tomorrow. We set out today to summit 3 14ers. We did not realize that goal as we only made it to the summit of 2 14ers. But as the saying goes "discretion is the better part of valor". Had we attempted to make it to the summit of a third 14er we would have been caught out in the open during a pretty significant storm. I had no desire for Zack to have to experience the terror of being exposed to lightning at 14,000 ft. It is not something that I would wish on an enemy.
There was one element of tragedy to our day today. On our return drive home we took 285 from Fairplay back to Denver. Part of this drive takes you across South Park. During our drive across the flatlands of South Park the rain was really coming down. A few miles outside of the the small town of Jefferson I saw a white blur in my peripheral vision followed by a very large thud on my windshield. In the blinding rain a bird had flown up from the side of the road and had flown directly into the windshield. Well - you can imagine what happened to the bird given that I was going at 65 miles per hour. I HATE killing anything - even accidentally!
We left the house on late Friday afternoon and sent Friday night at the condo in Silverthorne. We didn't do anything special there as it was really just a way to avoid a long drive on Saturday morning.
We got up early and made our way deep into the Mosquito Range to the Kite Lake trailhead. From there we had a very long and hard hike but we reached the majority or our goals!
I will provide a lot more detail tomorrow when I upload the pictures. Also tomorrow Zack will be carrying the US flag at the beginning of the Colorado Rockies game. His cub scout pack gets to do this once a year. Zack as one of the oldest cub scouts in the pack will get to be out on the field carrying the flag. I will also describe that in my post tomorrow.
Well - time to go to bed - I am exhausted!
Thanks and peace to all! - J.


ET-TA said...

Congratulations! Two 14ers is still one heck of an accomplishment!

drsanchez2 said...

we took the same route home to north colorado and saw a moose playing in the water a little outside fairplay. we have never seen that before and we have been making this trip about 30 years. Then we stopped at the hot dog stand and the lady who owns/manages it gave my daighter a t-shirt from the place. it was a perfect day!