Friday, October 8, 2010

Why do you read my blog?

Now that I am back to my blogging ways I really wonder why people read this blog.  I have my personal reasons for writing, but what are the reasons that bring people to this blog day-in and day-out?  I can't really tell who reads this thing.  I can get an idea where people are from, but nothing more than that.  I can tell that there are a bunch of people who read from the Denver area as the IP addresses that show up are from many of the suburbs of Denver - Littleton, Aurora, Arvada, etc.  I would assume the people reading from those areas are people who I know personally in some way or fashion.

But what about everybody else who is not from near Denver - why do you read?  If you think of a reason why you read this blog while you are here on the site today leave me a comment and let me know.  If you don't want me to publish it, say that in the comment and I won't publish it.

I know there are a number of blogs that I like to read.  Many they are blogs about people who travel a lot or do a lot of mountaineering.  One of the first blogs I started to read one blogger was by a guy in the UK who was walking from the northern most point in the UK to the southern most point.  It was interesting to read of his adventures along the way.  Other blogs I have read are about families who live in unusual places - like Alaska or the far north of Minnesota.  So my reading of their blogs has been driven by my interest in the places that they live or their adventures.

Not much else to say on a Friday evening.  Zack and I have been hanging out.  I have started work on my "big plans" for the weekend.  I hope to be able to write about that tomorrow.  I will admit I am having such a hard time motivating myself to do anything.  I feel the utter pall of depression settling around my heart dragging me down.  But I have to force myself to move.  If I start to curl up in a ball on the couch it will be weeks before I move.  I just can't let myself get to that point if for nothing other than Zack.  I must move, I must enable change in my life for the better!

Zack got his mid-term report card today.  It was so-so.  He got 3 A's, 2 B's and 2 C's.  Over the course of the last several days I have gotten to the bottom of some of his educational issues that he is having.  I found out that Zack had never learned how to do long division and complex multiplication.  He had his own way of doing it that just wasn't cutting it.  So for the last week we have sat down and worked and worked upon it.  He at least now knows the structure instead of the one he made up.  I think it was an example of him being stubborn - he thought he knew better so he ignored what his teachers taught him and he managed to get by on that in elementary school.  Or he was so anxiety ridden after Patty's death that he just ignored what he was being taught.  Back in those days it was just a success to get him through a day of school without a melt down.  Additionally, he absolutely hates to memorize things which is one reason his spelling is so bad.  Basically I am putting him through a crash course in how to learn.

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.


rusbin said...

Because I love you and I love Zack, and I want to stay updated on what is going on up there. Remember my man... all you need is love!

Nadine said...

I read your blog to hear about Zack and your life as a single (widowed) father. I am a single widowed mother and raise two kids on my own (son is 11yr and daughter is 4yr). I see alot of parallels in our lives. I don't usually comment (I know…bad, bad girl - I hate when people do that on my own blog!) and admit that Im a lurker. I like to see the updates on your lives.

It's funny that you should post this because I too wonder who and why people visit my blog. The internet allows you to put your feelings and thoughts out there. But does anyone hear you? Not everyone leaves feedback. But that is the nature of the beast and it is up to you to continue posting if you want. As for me, I find blogging therapeutic - like an online journal or scrapbook.

Best of luck to you and Zack! Sending Alohas from Hawaii.


Anonymous said...

Because I followed Patty's story and worried how you and Zack would get along after she was gone.

RA said...

I don't live near Denver. I don't even live in the US. Maybe I don't qualify to read your blog...?

Mjs said...

And, I second what Rusbin said....This is a fantastic way to "keep in touch".....Have a good weekend. It's Ligonier weekend here.

Sarah said...

I started reading through Patty CaringBridge. My son is a single father with custody of his son who now is almost 18. Just looking in on someone in kind of the same situation. However, I discovered I was interested in your adventures hiking and traveling and in how Zack was doing. I enjoy seeing how other people live and what their thoughts are on this life we live. I live in Texas.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog for somewhat of a twisted reason. I had AML and 2 bone marrow transplants and a host of other health issues that I am pretty sure you can relate to. I also visited Patty in the hospital when you were out of town and read Harry Potter to her. I am one of the lucky ones in that I am still doing pretty good. Your blog is a very real reminder to me of how lucky I am. It is also a very clear reminder that life goes on with or without you. That part freaks me out some times. While most people like your adventures, I like hearing about how well Zack is doing. I am reading this from the point of view of a mom who had leukemia. Your son looks so much like his mom and seems like such a great kid- what a tribute to Patty.
Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Jerry, because we have cared all along and have never stopped caring. We even care when you fail to say hello, ignore us and move along in your life. We still care. We know you are hurting now and we care about that.