Sunday, October 3, 2010

Letting the Dust Settle

In my post of yesterday, I admitted to doing something that was not right.  I stand behind what I wrote.  In the fullness of time I will spell this story out in greater detail and explain much more.  For now I am going to let the dust settle and take the hits.  There is much more to be written but now is not the time.

One of the reasons I like to blog is that I feel it allows me to express my viewpoints, thoughts and ideas.  In the recent past I haven't felt the need to blog as much simply because I had confidante to whom I could talk.  Now that part of my life is gone my blogging will get back to the levels I was at in early 2009.  It is a great release to be able to put my thoughts and ideas on this page and express what is happening in life.

On top of resuming my blogging in much greater detail, I am going to start a new part of my life that I have been considering for many years.  I am going to become an active volunteer and take part in several different organizations.

I have found because of the constant travel of my younger years I do not have a strong circle of friends here in Denver.  Most of my best friends are found in cities and countries far from Denver - Chicago, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Costa Rica, India, etc.  I am hoping to take on some of these activities to build a much stronger circle of friends to reply upon in times like now.

Well - enough said for today!

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.

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