Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Study in Light - Part II - Sunset at the Bluffs

Zack and I made it back to the Bluffs for this evening's sunset.  It wasn't a dramatic sunset in any way shape or form.  I had pretty much given up hope for any kind of color when just as the sun was setting it began to shoot out these unbelievably colored jets of red light.  It was a fleeting phenomena - but it made the hike and standing in the cold wind worthwhile.  I hope you all think the photos are good.

The rest of the day was just about working.  I put in several hours in the garage today and made some major headway.  This part of cleaning the garage is pretty time consuming as I have a ton of things to go through.  I don't know if I will be done with it by tomorrow or not - I kind of doubt it, but I am putting in a darn good effort.

We ran a bunch of errands today and just worked.  All-in-all not too bad of a Saturday - though I can think of much better ways to spend a Saturday.  I am going to be so glad when I have this major cleaning effort of the house complete.

Here are the pictures from the Bluffs this evening.  Once again I used my tripod and the camera's timer to get the pictures of Zack and me.

We hope everyone is having a great weekend.  If you are in Colorado I do hope you got out somewhere today to enjoy this beautiful weather we are having.

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.

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