Sunday, October 17, 2010

Changes and an Out of Town Visitor

As I talked about yesterday, I have had a catharsis regarding my own life and what needs to change.  Today I began to take action regarding that change.  First I had a discussion with Nancy and Zack about the change I was proposing.  We all agreed that it was the right thing to do.  The action I took today was to take the urn and the pictures of Patty off the mantle piece.  I have moved them for now to a the top of a cedar chest that I have placed in the landing of the second floor of the house.  Patty was part of my life for so long - I will not forget her but I do need to move on.

Today we also had an out of town visitor!  My sister-in-law Carolyn (my brother Paul's wife) was in from North Carolina.  She is in Denver for the next several days for a financial conference in downtown.  She works for Wells Fargo out of Charlotte.

We all got together at my brother Tim's house for dinner and dessert.  It was great seeing Carolyn as it has been several years since I have seen her.  Tim cooked a prime rib and we have a great dinner - though I must admit my appetite was definitely off because of happenings in the day.  It was good to get out and about with some folks and just forget about things for a while.

For now I won't go into those happenings.  Once the dust settles some more I will write fully all that has happened. 

Tomorrow - will be an interesting day as Zack and I must go to West and meet with the Dean of Students about the trouble he got into on Friday.  We will work our way through that situation and then Zack will spend the day at home with Nancy while I head to Boulder.

Sorry for the short post tonight as my brain is else where. I hope everyone had a great weekend.
Thanks and peace to all! ~J.

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Mjs said...

Nice picture of your family, Gerry - good that Nancy went with you - tell Tim & Celinde we said hi....

Change is good, but not always easy.