Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You never expect it...

OK - this is going to be really short. I went to the dentist today because the swelling on my face/neck was really bothering me. He took one look at me and sent me to an oral surgeon. The oral surgeon took one look at me and sent me to the hospital for a CT scan. The oral surgeon took one look at the CT scan film and called me and told me I was to be operated on TONIGHT! I have a 2 inch abscess in the soft tissue in my neck. It will never heal without the surgery. Without the surgery and healing I will most likely die a very painful death from an infection. So - I don't have a choice in this matter. I talked to Celinde and she got called the radiologist and also looked at the film herself. She totally agreed with the accessment. So as soon as I collect Zack from Sylvan - I am off to Littleton to be operated upon. I should only be in the hospital until tomorrow afternoon, so no need for anyone to come down to see me or send me flowers. Though of course you can all send me baskets of cookies to my house! Just joking!!! I will try and get Celinde or Tim to update this page for me once the surgery is complete. Yes - I do have to be under general anestitic (spelling). So there is some risk involved. They are going to cut an incision across my neck so I am going to have one of those neat 18th pirate scars. You know - like some one tired to cut my head off! I know many people who follow this blog are religious. You all know that I am not particular so. However you can say prayers, send warm thoughts whatever. But most importantly THINK OF ZACK TONIGHT. I want to get this over for that boy so that he doesn't ever have to fear losing his dad too! Thanks and peace to all!

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