Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Council of Love

I was getting Zack ready for bed and something so very cute happened that I had to write about it.
Normally getting a very active 10 year old ready for bed can be a pain in the ass. In Zack's case he never wants to go to bed. He always wants to have yet "another snack". Basically it is a battle of wills. I always WIN.
Tonight was very different. Now don't get me wrong - he doesn't argue with me everyday. Actually the days is argues with me are much fewer than the days that he does what I say. Regardless he always wants to stay up later.
After he brushed he teeth and put on his pajamas, he went wandering around the house picking up all of his most prized stuffed animals. He held them in his arms and said "I am going to bed with the Council of Love". It was just so cute in the way he said it and emotions that it conveyed. It was great. He then had to add that though one member of the Council of Love wasn't there in person, she was there in spirit - of course he meant Patty.
(Zack with Lex and the "Council of Love" in bed.)
I love my boy. As much as this child has had to endure in the last 3 years he is utter remarkable in the love he has in heart and the strength of character and will he has shown. He is truly the utter and complete light of my heart.
Thanks and peace to all!

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