Monday, March 9, 2009

The Euphoria of Pain Relief is Gone

My dentist appointment occurred at 3:00PM. When they shot me up with novacaine I felt so good as it was relief from the constant pain I have been in for days. The abscess was big and deep. Once the dentist drilled through the crown on the tooth, large amounts of bloody/infection type material started to well up through my jaw into my mouth. He said it was pretty bad infection and that I was lucky for having started as much antibiotics as I did on Saturday. He indicated that this could have been in the works for weeks - which contributed to my sense of "unwellness" for the last month or so (i.e. headaches, jaw pain, etc.). During the appointment I felt well enough that during breaks for X-rays, novacaine and such I was sending out messages on Facebook through my phone - kind of like Twitter. Unfortunately as the root canal continued I could feel my fever coming back. All that infection like stuff has been stirred up and was entering my blood stream - making me feel worse again. The pain was aleast gone for then, but I was shivering like a mad man. The fever is now under control, but the pain is back in all it's excruiating dullness. This has given me great appreciation for what people going through cancer go through. There is no comparison between a root canal and the pain felt from chemo or leukemia. All I can say is I have no idea how Patty and the countless people I have known from the PSL BMT units have been able to go through what they went through. They are amazing people! I hope everyone has a great evening. Be good to one another!


MonkAre said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got in to see the dentist. Thank goodness Celinde started you on the antibiotics when she did! Feel better Jerry, rest up and stay under some warm blankets! My very best to you, Zack, Nancy and the CO gang! Mary Ellen