Friday, March 20, 2009

Post Nuggets Game Update

Well - the Nuggies won tonight - 116 - 105. Yippee! I think the Nuggets have only lost one of games that we have gone to see this year. That is way cool.
We had a good time and Zack was a well behaved dude. Though he was breaking the ear drums of everyone around us when the Wizards were shooting free throws. He really believes in the whole idea of "making some noise".
We took a bunch of pictures tonight and here they are:
(Zack with a snow cone the size of his head)
(Z and me in our seats. The ladies who have seats next to us for all of our games took this. Notice my neck isn't swollen to two or three times it normal size!)
(The ladies in the seats next to us.)
(The view of the court from our seats.)
We just got home a few minutes ago and Zack is once again filling his stomach. He is having some flipsides and milk before he goes to bed. As per usual we had hot dogs, soda's and sweet stuff at the game. Instead of dipping dots tonight Zack had a snow cone the size of his head. I had my normal churro.
I am going to get the Z man and dogs to bed and then I am taking some time and changing the tire on my bike while I watch the final episode of Battlestar Galatica on DVR. Then it is beddie-bye time for me too. We are planning to get up somewhat early and head out on a hike. Though it is a fair drive away, I am considering head north up to El Dorado Canyon. I'll play that one by ear. If we don't go there we will probably go to Deer Creek Canyon open space in Jeffco.
Anyway - we hope everyone had a great Friday!
Thanks and peace to all!

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