Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What to say, What to say.....

I normally put a lot of thought into what I write in this blog. I don’t know if anyone reads it besides a few people, but the hit counter does continue to go up each day so I am assuming that my thoughts are at least to some degree interesting, amusing or just plain ridiculous to someone. Unfortunately, tonight I am just simply exhausted and not up to putting much thought into my writing. The day has been so very long. Additionally, I think I am pushing myself a little too hard a little too soon. But I don’t have a choice – life goes on and I have to get things done. The schedule for both Zack and I has been brutal this week. I am really looking forward to some down time over the weekend. The day was the same as yesterday in terms of the long hours of conference calls with lots of discussion. Thankfully I didn’t have to start the day by walking Zack to school while I was on a conference call, but I had to pick him up from school while on a call and drive him to Sylvan while on a call. Beside Sylvan we had groceries shopping that had to be done as there wasn’t a drop of milk in the house and Zack would never stand for that. After Sylvan, I had to get a quick dinner for us and then head to the Cub Scout Pack meeting. Tonight’s pack meeting was about careers. There were three different speakers that came in and talked to the boys. The first were a group of firemen from the South Metro Fire District. The second was an Arapahoe County Sheriff deputy. The last was Rebecca McClelland a Willow Creek resident and the current Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Centennial. The kids rotated from one speaker to another and learned about what the fireman, sheriff deputy and the city government do. It was nice as we parents didn’t have to really do anything for this pack meeting. It gave me a chance to stand around and talk to a couple of the other dad’s in Zack’s Den. We are kind of a unique group in the fact that there are only 4 boys in Zack’s Den. Of the 4 parents, 2 of us are single dads and one of the other two dads is recently married after being a single dad for years. It is interesting to talk to other single dads about the challenge of raising a boy on your own. What is good about that is what I face with Zack really isn’t out of the ordinary in terms of other single dads experiences. That makes me feel somewhat good. Zack got a bunch of achievement awards for things that he has accomplished over the last several months worth of den meetings. He was very proud to get these. I had told Zack that if he behaved at the Pack Meeting today I would take him to Maggie Moos – a local ice cream spot for an after pack meeting treat. No sooner I had I told him that we were going than he invited his whole den. Two of the boys had to get home to finish homework, so it was us and Zack McCurdy, his dad and his sister who went. The kids got their ice cream and I got a shake. Zack M’s dad didn’t get anything but he beat me to the cash register. Thanks Sean! But after the next meeting I am taking you guys out and I am paying!!! (I hate when people beat me to the cash register!!) There were a couple of other things from the Pack meeting. Zack will be racing his Pinewood Derby car again at the Arapahoe Scout District Derby on April 4th. This Derby will showcase the winners from all the different packs in the District. If he wins there – which I totally and complete know he will NOT, then he will get to go to the next level of competition. (Sorry Zack – it isn’t that the Mach Z isn’t a good car, it just I know what the competition is like and the Mach Z just isn’t fast enough!) Zack will get to be in the color guard carrying the US flag for the singing of the National Anthem during the Colorado Rockies game on July 26, 2009. (The Rockies will be playing the San Francisco Giants for this game.) This is a yearly thing that the Webelos II’s from Pack 467 do every summer. The Boy Scout Council of Denver has an arrangement with the Rockies to provide the color guard for many of the summer games. So you can be sure we will be at this game. Given that I have a Scout Leader uniform I will probably be on the field with the boys which will be cool for me too! Anyway – that is it for the night. I am utterly beat, tired and exhausted and I have another crazy busy day to look forward to tomorrow. Oh well – 48 hours from now it will be the weekend! Thanks and peace to all!

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