Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Long and Brutal Week

Given my schedule for today, I had originally intended on publishing one of my stories from a long time ago. But I have decided instead to write a blog post today.
This week has been so very long and so very brutal. A number of things have effected me in a negative way this week. First - I have been beaten up physically. I have been sporting a severe headache for the majority of the week. No matter what I do it does not seem to go away. It has been so bad that it has caused my jaw to hurt where I have tooth on which I had a cap placed last year. The tooth hurts so badly I can barely stand it.
Secondly - work has been a bitch. I am now juggling 5 different projects at once. Yes - I realize that is why I am in the position I am in and I get paid the salary that I do. But - given the economy and everything going on within IBM there is a tendency by executives further up the food chain than me to micro-manage things. It sucks!
Third - I have bled myself emotionally dry over an issue that I seem to have no ability to solve. I have done everything in my power to try and resolve this issue to no avail. I feel lifeless and worn down as a result. I have come to the conclusion that as much as I might seem to care about this particular situation, the other parties involved don't seem to be motivated to resolve it. Needless to say its been painful and I have shed a fair amount of tears over this.
Fourth - It is CSAP week. That makes it tough on my little man which in turn makes it tough on me.
So I will be quite glad for this week to end and for the weekend to come. I have plans to try and resolve all of these issues.
First - I am going to get an appointment to see my primary care physician tomorrow. I don't know if she will be able to do anything to resolve this horrible headache. Hopefully she will at least be able to rule out whether or not I have a f'ing brain tumor. I don't personally believe I have a brain tumor but stranger things have happened.
Second - I am going to take a very proactive approach regarding work. I had some difficult conversations with various people already this week. I intend to expand these conversations and get the up stream execs to calm down. I haven't managed to complete as many projects as I have successfully without earning some political capital. I intend to use that capital to get the up stream execs to stop micro-managing things.
Third - I am going to make one last attempt to resolve this issue with which I am dealing. If I can't resolve it - I just have to own up to that fact and accept it. So I intend to seek solace in a good deed - I am going to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning to keep an appointment at Bonfils to donate platelets and plasma. Then the rest of the weekend I will lose myself in my son and the outdoors. Zack and I will spend the weekend together hiking and having as much fun as we humanly can.
Fourth - I am going to allow Zack to play and have fun all weekend long. He still has 6 more days of CSAPs to go after tomorrow. So, we are going to have fun, fun, fun. Additionally, we are going to firm up our plans for spring break. It will only be three weeks away from Friday - Yippee!!
Yep - this post is a rant tonight. I don't know that I have ever done a rant on this blog before - so please excuse my horrible attitude. But sometime you just have to rant and rave.
Both Zack and I hope everyone has a great Friday and is looking forward to a wonderful weekend.
Thanks and peace to all!!!!!!!


Millie said...

wouldn't be surprised if your severe headache is caused by a severe sinus infection.

Jerry Kromer said...

Millie - I am 99% positive it all has to do with my sinus. Cause it feels like my eyes are going to bug out of my head. I have had it almost all week. It went a way a little bit, but it just keeps on coming back. Hope you and Bob have a great weekend.

Millie said...

know what you mean - and with the air travel you recently did when you still were suffering from a hacking cold - think this caused the sinus to act up. At least, that's my spin - air travel is not good when you have a cold.......
Have a good weekend, in spite of the headache! Nice spring like day here. Did my first "grillin" for our dinner. Ymmmmm good!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jerry –
Sorry to hear about the brutal week. Take care of yourself, my friend. You and Millie are probably right about the sinus infection. BUT, get yourself checked out…ASAP. You’re no good to anyone else, unless you’re feeling well yourself. Btw, stress doesn’t help either…J. The economic situation has workers reeling – those gainfully employed or otherwise. Although today was glorious and a far cry from the huge snow dump we had earlier in the week, I spent the most of the day working on a fire drill project that’s due first thing Monday. Finally, I’m glad that you’re offering Zack such a great balance in his life. It’s so important. Keep your eye on the prize, Jer! The Louvre is calling… Take care! ME