Friday, March 27, 2009

Pulling the Leg of the Z-Man

I guess I am a cruel parent. I love to tease my kid. This morning was a great opportunity to tease my boy. Last night all he could do was think and wonder "Will I have school tomorrow?" He was convinced he won't have school. He just knew it. As normal I got Zack to bed around 9:45PM last night. After that I settled in to my normal routine of working on my computer and watching the late news on DVR. All thoughout the news cast they were running the closures for Friday morning across the bottom of the screen. Cherry Creek was NOT mentioned. However, one of the last things said as Mark and Adele signed off - I watch channel 9 news - was that "Cherry Creek is now cancelled too - Good night". I figured I would check it out first thing in the morning before I told Zack.

(Snow on the back porch at 7:15AM this morning.)

This morning the alarm went off at 6:30AM as normal and I woke up and lay in bed contemplating the day. I used my iPhone to check the Internet to see if Cherry Creek was cancelled. It was truly cancelled. I decided to use this as a good gag on Zack. I woke him up and the first question out of his mouth was - "Do I have school Dad". I told him he did. He wasn't happy. We got out of bed and came downstairs and I got him breakfast. I kept on telling him that he had school and how he had to work hard today and everything. He was not happy! I kept this up for a good 15 minutes until he was done eating. I finally gave in and told him that school was cancel right as he was going upstairs to brush his teeth. He was happy as can be of course, but he laughingly said "You wait Daddy - I'll tease you back". It made for a fun start to our morning. I hope everyone is enjoying the snow and I hope all my friends who were flying out early this morning - actually get out. Have a great day - I write some more later! Be safe out there!


Tina Sommers said...

That is too funny, that is something I would of done to my son when he was young as well, lol. Hope you guys have a great spring break!You both deserve the time away! :-)

Lesley said...

Dear Jerry and Zack,

Have a wonderful vacation during Zack's Spring Break from school.


Angie said...

I guess I am cruel too, as I used to do this every April's Fools Day, I would wake them up and then say that there was no school and they when they got a car I woke them up and said someone hit their car during the night! It was so funny to see them jump up and run to the window to look at their car! I teased my kids all the time and they grew up with a good sense of humor.