Friday, March 20, 2009

The Sound Track of Life

You ever notice that day-to-day things seem so much better when you have music to do them by? I have a saying for it – life is always better with a sound track. I always think this when I am spending a lot of time with music playing. Thankfully today has brought a much slower pace to the work day for me. I only had one hour long conference call today – which is such a relief after the hours and hours of calls and meetings earlier this week. So as I have worked today I have sat here with my iPod playing. Which has provided me with my idea for today's blog post. Today I have been playing some fast beat trance/progressive music. My normal listening patterns go back and forth from various forms of classical music to electronica (i.e. the trance/progressive) to hardcore edgy punk rock. Zack is strictly a trance/progressive kid. I have played just about every kind of music for him (except for country and jazz – as I am not big fans of them). After listening to just about everything I have he has become stuck on the trance/progressive music. His favorite artist appears to be Paul Oakenfold. Zack says that Oakenfold’s trance/progressive music really can fuel his imagination. So whenever we are having a “rocking afternoon or evening” at home, he always wants me to put on some “Oakenfold trance/progressive” music. When I do he will wander around the house in his own little world of his imagination – it is actually very cute to see.

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I tend to subject both Zack and Nancy to my affliction for classical music during dinner. Whenever I make a dinner and we all are sitting down to eat I will always put on a classical playlist. I am most partial to Mozart. As Scolieri said in the movie “Amadeus” – “It is like his (Mozart’s) music is the voice of God”. To Zack’s annoyance if I put Mozart on, I tend to leave it turned on for hours. Today’s playlist was one I call “The List”. It brings together a lot of my favorite electronica with some other stuff thrown in. I use this playlist for my workouts and when I am flying. Here are some of the songs on that playlist if anyone is interested. - “Breathe Me” – Sia - “Clocks” – Coldplay - “Munich” – Editors - “Starlight” – Muse - “Where Ever You Go” – 2 Worlds and Lizzy Patterson - “Everything Counts” – Depeche Mode - “Blue Sky Mine” – Midnight Oil - “The Impression that I Get” - The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones - “Beautiful Day” – U2 - “Faster Kill Pussycat” – Oakenfold - “Without You” – Dogzilla - “Turn on the Music” – Roger Sanchez - “Do You Wanna Hold Me” – Bow Wow Wow - “Tripping Billies” – Dave Matthews Band - “A Little Less Conversation” – Elvis Pressley (Remix) - “10 in 01” – Paul van Dyk - “It’s a Fine Day” – Miss Jane - “I Wanna Be Sedated” – The Ramones - “Sister Havana” – Urge Overkill - “The Hand that Feeds” – Nine Inch Nails - “Crystal” – New Order - “Regret” – New Order - “King of the Mountain” – Midnight Oil - “Fine Time” – New Order Zack and I have an entire Oakenfold playlist that we will frequently play in the car. It is kind of funny to see this middle aged Dad rolling down the highway in his Honda Civic with his 10 year old kid playing all this loud trance/progressive music. Somehow it just seems wrong! (Just joking.) I am glad I don’t have a fast car when we do that, as I tend to drive a little faster when Z and I are going nutso over our music. I don’t know if anyone agrees with me or not – but I really think life is much better with a sound track! As for our doings of the day…. It is a normal Friday for us. Zack had school and I had work. We are both happy that next week this time we will be getting ready to head out on spring break! Zack had his appointment with Dr. Jane today after school as is normal. We had to run some errands afterwards to REI and Petco. I needed to get some tire levers for my bike and pups needed some dog food. We have tickets to the Denver Nuggets tonight – they are playing the Washington Wizards. I think we are going to drive downtown as opposed to taking the light rail. If we take the light rail we won’t get home until going on 11:00PM. But if we drive we can get home sooner. Given that I am hoping we get up early tomorrow morning and go for a hike, I think we are going to drive. I’ll update this post after the game tonight. I want to ask the people who have seats next to us to take some photos of us. I'll post those pictures of us at the game to the site later on tonight – I think I’ll just update this post as opposed to writing an entirely new one. Til later – have a great Friday evening!

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