Monday, March 30, 2009

Vacation - Doings Day Two and Three

Every evening I have the greatest intentions of coming back to the hotel room and doing an update for the blog - then I don't. I usually end up on the phone while Zack winds down for the evening. We watch a little bit of TV and then we both fall asleep pretty quickly. So I just haven't had the time to do my updates.
(On the gondola in the Venetian.)
Here's a brief recap of what we did on Sunday! After our gondola ride in the morning and our stop in the hotel room, we headed out and went to Circus, Circus. The neat thing about Circus, Circus is that they have that HUGE amusement park built into the casino. That is of course where we spent 90% of our time. The other 10% of our time there was spent on the midway playing games. At the amusement park we rode most of the rides except for the really scary ones. Zack doesn't like the real scary amusement park rides. We spent most of the late morning and afternoon there. It was a lot of fun and Zack was definitely enjoying himself. We had to stop playing games on the Midway because I kept on winning toys and stuffed animals and I thought we were going to run out of room in our luggage to take them home.
(Attempted self portrait on one of the rides at Circus, Circus.)
After Circus, Circus we moved onto several other places that Zack wanted to see. First we went to downtown Las Vegas so that Zack could see the largest video screen in the world. Since it was still day we didn't get out of the car but Zack loved seeing how big it was. Then we went onto New York, New York as he wanted to see all the attractions there. We got lots of picture of him next to the "Brooklyn Bridge" and the "Statue of Liberty". We then took the tram to the Mandalay Bay and went to their "Shark Reef" Aquarium attraction. I was definitely disappointed in this attraction. It cost a lot of money and I really didn't see a lot of diversity or unusual fish there. We have an aquarium in Denver and it cost less but has tons more to see. So I was definitely disappointed in it.
(Zack in front of New York, New York.)
By this point it was 6:00PM so we headed back to the hotel to relax for a few minutes before we went to dinner and our evening activities. Before dinner we went to the Mystere shop at Treasure Island and bought the Mystere sound track and a shirt for Zack. Since we were already there we decided to eat dinner at their buffet. It was a good dinner and we sat there and talked for a long time. Zack was telling me all about his imagination that he was having from Mystere. It has really given him a lot to imagine about.
(The Venetian at night.)
After dinner we had planned to go to see the fountains at the Bellagio. Unfortunately the was a huge wind storm taking place so the fountains were shut. So at that point we went back to the Venetian and just walked through the Grand Canal area and then headed up to our room and wound down for the night.
It's 7:30AM here in Las Vegas right now and I need to finish up a few things for work for the morning and then we are going to pack and get out of here. Zack had already told me he doesn't want to leave! Oh well - we have to move to our next stop. We are going to the Grand Canyon today but we will have numerous stops along the way. We are going to do the big tour at Hoover Dam and then there are several small little towns along the way at which I want to stop for their attractions. With any luck we will arrive at the Grand Canyon around 3:00PM this afternoon.
Well - we have to run! Til later - Thanks and peace to all!

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Lesley said...

Thanks for the updates on your vacation -- it sounds as if you and Zack are having very busy and enjoyable days. Enjoy the Hoover Dam tour and the incredible scenery of the Grand Canyon.