Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday's Adventures

Today has been quite a busy day for us. As a result, I haven't spent my normal time writing my blog entry for the day. Given the time - it is 11:00PM and the fact that I now have an amazing huge headache, I am going to keep today's blog entry relatively short. The topic I had originally planned to cover today I will write about tomorrow or later in the week. Today was a crazy busy day. Zack's cousin Cole spent a large amount of time here at our house this afternoon. They had a great time playing but I will admit there were times in which I was not too happy with the boys! They kind of stressed me out just a tab little bit as they were arguing about what to play. Oh well - boys will be boys! I took Cole home around 3:30PM and then Zack and I got out for a bit of a walk/hike. We went to Cherry Creek State Park and walked around the shore of the lake for a good ways. Zack had a lot of fun digging in the sand to find "mini-clams" as he called them. These are the shells of the fresh water mollusks that live in the late. After the park, we went to Dave & Busters for dinner and games. We played for a very long time and came away with a ton of tickets. We now have something like 7000 tickets loaded onto our power play card. Zack is saving them up for something big. We came home and I had to get to work. Unfortunately, Monday is busy day for me at work and I had to prepare a report that is sent out first thing in the morning. On top of that I had to put some laundry on as we really needed so clean clothes. Yes - you can tell that our household is run by a guy. That is it for the day. I will make more time tomorrow to write in greater detail. Til then - thanks and peace to all!

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