Monday, March 2, 2009

The Little Boy Who Loves Omelets

Today’s entry is about a little boy who loves omelets. The little boy is the cutest 10 year old little boy there is. For whatever reason, this little boy has come to love 3 egg omelets with cheese.
It started several weeks ago when his father was having a tough time figuring out what to make him for dinner. The dad, being a little bit creative decided that he would give his little boy “breakfast for dinner” and made him a three egg cheese omelet. With his delicious omelet he also got a couple pieces of bacon and really large chunk of ripe cantaloupe.
The little boy loved his “breakfast for dinner” and began asking his dad to have an omelet for breakfast and dinner every day. Now his dad, being a very busy guy, wasn’t used to making this little boy a cooked breakfast everyday. On most days’ breakfast was some kind of cold cereal or maybe fruit and toast, but not normally a large cooked meal. Every day during breakfast time, the dad was busy on conference calls for work, sending e-mails and trying to get his little boy ready for school.
But this little boy so badly wanted his omelet that the dad took to making him one every morning. The dad would have his phone on the kitchen counter right near the stove so he could hear what was taking place on his conference call, all the while cracking eggs, whipping them up and getting them into the skillet to make that omelet. On weekends, the little boy was so eager for his omelet that he would help his dad make it. He would crack the eggs into a bowl and whip the eggs together.
Despite how tough it was to make that omelet and balance everything else going on, the dad worked hard to do it every day as the little boy loved the omelet so much. When the dad would put the finished dish on the table in front of his little boy, the little boy would smile at his dad and say “Thank you so much daddy, I know how hard it is for you to make me an omelet every day. I love you daddy.” And whenever that little boy would say those words the dad would smile and he would know that his life couldn’t get any better.
Of course that little boy’s name is Zack and I love him very much. Without him my life would be a void. Thank you for being the sweetest kid in the world Z and being the best son there is!

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