Sunday, March 15, 2009


It is late and I really didn't have any plans to write in this blog today. However as the day as turned to night and the night has now turned to the next day, I am wide wake and still dealing with the side effects of this whole stinking situation. Though I am fever free I continue to feel like crap. Throughout the day it seems as my neck is starting to swell again. I am hoping that will not lead to another round of surgery to dig more infection out of my neck. I don't want to miss another day of work as my illness has already cost Zack and I a fantastic spring break vacation. I just want to feel better and be back to 100%. The day itself was noneventful as I did pretty much nothing except rest. I made arrangements for Zack to have a "play date" today and he was very happy about that. I want to feel better so that I have the desire and energy to take my boy out hiking or out to play at the park. We were low on milk and other essentials so I did make a trip to the grocery store. The boy is a milk addict and he can't go a day with out drinking about 1/2 gallon of the stuff. Though it is already tomorrow, I will eventually sleep and "tomorrow" will officially come for me. Regardless of how frustrated and ill I feel right now, I will do my hardest to feel better and do more tomorrow. As an active, vibrant person this past week has been something that I am just not used to and I can never get used to. I hope everyone else is sound asleep and resting well. Thanks for reading and peace to all!

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