Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Blizzard that Wasn't then Was

So as you could tell from my post earlier today, I was a little skeptical about the extent of the blizzard that we were going to have. Based upon what was said on the weather forecast last night, I expected to wake up to a lot of snow. That just wasn’t the case as this morning there was just a dusting of snow on the grass of our yard. I was stunned at that point to find out that Zack’s school had been cancelled. As the morning wore on the storm did begin to pick up. Had we had more snow this year, I really don’t think this storm would have been that big of a deal. During the winter of 2006/2007 we had a multitude of storms that were like this one. Most of those storms you just kind of shrugged off and went about your business. But since this was the first and only really storm that we have had this winter, I guess it was kind of a big deal. Despite the lack of school for Zack today, I did manage to keep him pretty well occupied and happy today. First thing this morning he read some and watched some TV. We called over to my brother and sister-in-law’s house around 10:00AM to see what Zack’s cousin Cole was doing. He didn’t have any plans so we made arrangements for Zack and I to pick Cole up around 12:30PM and then go out to lunch. My brother is on a golf outing to Laughlin, Nevada this week and so Celinde’s parents Bill and Doerga are staying at their house to help Celinde out with Cole. Celinde doesn’t have any chemo this week or other medical procedures scheduled, so Bill and Doerga are just here watching Cole. I figured getting Cole out of Bill and Doerga’s hair for part of the day would make them happy and I know both Zack and Cole were happy to hang out together. So after we picked up Cole we head to McDonalds for lunch and so that Zack and Cole could play around. Unfortunately the traffic from just here in Willow Creek to C470 and Quebec was horrible. It took us like 20 minutes to cover the distance that would normally take 3 minutes. I had to be back at the house for a conference call at 2:00PM so the traffic ate up a good bit of our lunch time. We got to McDonalds and the place was open but it was practically deserted. Zack and Cole had the play area almost entirely to themselves. They were happy about that as they didn’t have to watch out for any little kids.

(Zack and Cole hanging out.)

After we ate and they played we got back on the road so I could make it home for my 2:00PM conference call. Doing the conference call was a little bit hard because the boys were bickering at each other for the majority of the time. It all came down to what games they were going to play. Cole wanted to play one game and Zack wanted to play another. I had to put my call on mute a few times and intervene in their squabble. Cole needed to be home by 3:45PM as he was supposed to be going to a tennis lesson with one of his neighbors. I am not sure if they had their lesson or not, but I finished my 3PM conference call and got Cole home. After dropping Cole off I had to go out and run an errand. I ended up at the Highlands Ranch Walmart at C470 and Quebec. I needed to buy ink for my printer. I have been doing a writing project that includes a photo and I want to get it wrapped and in the mail before leave on Spring Break so I was determined to get this ink TODAY! I got into Walmart and I fell for the old “Dad is a softie routine”. I decided that since I would be on conference calls part of the evening, I would get Zack a treat for dinner and buy him a movie to watch. The kid’s movie “Bolt” has recently come out on DVD and Zack really wanted to see it. We hadn’t gotten to see it in the theaters when it was out in the fall. So I got a take and bake pizza and “Bolt” (Yeah – I know I fed my child well today – NOT. Zack had McDonalds for lunch and pizza for dinner – good job Jerry!). As I drove home in the cul-de-sac, I had to give thanks for my neighbors. Of the 8 houses on our cul-de-sac/street, three families own snow blowers. This afternoon all three snow blowers were out in action clearing the sidewalks. It always makes a huge difference to have that kind of neighborly feeling. So thanks – John, Ed and Dietz. Your work is definitely appreciated by everyone on the street! Two other families on my street have kind of gotten screwed by this storm. They were scheduled to leave early tomorrow morning on their Spring Break vacations. Unfortunately by the looks of things they won’t be getting out of here tomorrow. I hope that they can get re-booked and get out of Denver later on Friday. They are going to Cancun together so I don’t think there are a ton of direct flights each day. Hopefully things will work out. So it is now evening and I am at last done with my conference calls and work for the day. Zack and I are sitting here in the family room watching “Bolt”. We are both very comfy on this cold stormy day. We are both wearing nice and comfy pajama pants and we have the fire place turned on. All-in-all a great ending to the day! One other note – while Zack and I are on our vacation we are going to try and do some video uploading to the blog. Here is our first attempt at making a video. Of course it stars Zack! We are going to hang out for the rest of the evening and take it easy. I am working on getting our packing done for Saturday morning. I have a couple of more loads of clothes to do, but I think I will be pretty well packed and ready to go by tomorrow at this time. We hope everyone is safe and sound and out of the snow. If you have to be out – be safe! Thanks and peace to all!

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