Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Last Post of Year and The First Snow of the Season

Whew...  2010 is coming to an end.  Because of plans for New Years Eve this is likely to be my last blog post for 2010.  So I better make it good!

Snow has at long last come to the Front Range of Colorado!  This morning dawned beautifully with a clear sky and lots of sunshine.  Our morning was quite hectic as I had to have Nancy at the doctors at 8:45AM while get a project for work out the door by 8:00AM.  (All of this followed a hectic day yesterday of an unplanned doctor's appointment and tests at the hospital for Nancy because of chest pain.  Thankfully that whole situation turned out OK.)  When we all left the house around 8:30AM the sun was still shining but there was a gathering cloud front to the north.  The clouds were gray and ominous and gave the feeling that a major storm was coming.

By the time we pulled back into the driveway at 10:15AM the sun was gone and small flakes of snow were beginning to spit from the sky.  We had a vet appointment for Finnegan at 11:00AM and by the time we left for that at 10:45AM the snow was beginning to come down in earnest.  However due to the warm roads it didn't really start to stick.

By 2:00PM this afternoon the fury of the storm had broken upon us.  Snow filled the air and every had pretty much turned white.  Zack and I were out most of the afternoon running errands and we started to find that the roads were getting snow packed and slippery by the time we arrived home.  Unfortunately for me I had to run out around 5:00PM to go pick up dry cleaning and stop at the grocery store.  I saw many vehicles skidding and spinning their wheels as they negotiated the road throughout my neighborhood.  Thankfully for me my little Honda Civic has a lot of go power and I had no difficult navigating the short distance from home to the Willow Creek shopping plaza.  Now we are all snug at home with no plans to journey out until sometime tomorrow!

Our adventures in dog raising have continued over the last several days as Finnegan has become used to our home.  The first 2 or 3 days that he was here, he was uncertain of himself and definitely a little scared.  He has come out of that shell much to Lex's discomfort!  For whatever reason Lex is just not comfortable having a puppy in the house.  He is very different than Bailey who loved having a puppy around and acted as the puppy's mother.  Lex got so upset about that for 2 days he didn't even want to eat at all!  He even threw up!  When we took Fin to the vet today, I asked Dr. Stone if Fin could have introduced a virus or bug into the house that Lex picked up.  After describing Lex's symptoms Dr. Stone smiled and said it was most likely stress that was causing Lex to feel sick.

 King Lex on his royal dais in the family room avoiding Finnegan

To help reduce Lex's stress we have showered him with love and attention.  These last couple of days have all been about dogs around our house.  Ever second you need to keep an eye on Fin so he doesn't go off and do something he shouldn't - either have an accident or start chewing on an electrical cord.  (It is exactly like having a baby in the house.)  On the other hand you also have to give Lex lots and lots of love to keep him happy and his stress at a reduced level.  Thankfully this phase will only last for a little bit I am sure as Lex and Finnegan will eventually bond and they will become best of friends.

Zack has been enjoying his days off of school.  He has made the most of his time off and has been in constant motion - either riding his bike or playing and doing something around the house.  He has gotten together with his cousin and some of his friends so all-in-all he is having a good time.  Though he is experiencing his end of the year anxiety.  It seems every year since Patty got sick he has exhibited a lot of anxiety around the holidays.  I am not sure if it is because of the transition to another year or because he has missed Patty's presence.  Hopefully, this seasonal anxiety will diminish as he gets older.

We hope everyone has a safe New Years Eve.  I look forward to blogging my way through 2011 and having you all as my readers.  To each of you I wish the best and hopes for a happy and joyful New Year!

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.


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