Monday, December 20, 2010

First Day of Christmas Vacation

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The first day of Christmas vacation started off with bang.  Actually I suppose it was more like a ring - of my cell phone.  I was lying on the couch shortly after I got up just hanging out with Zack when my cell phone rang.  Who was it...  It was a fellow transition manager from work!  Yes - on day one of vacation I got a project dropped on my hands.  Hopefully it isn't going to be anything that takes up too much of my time - but it is stuff that needs to get done so that hopefully my company can win a major new contract.

So the first several hours of today were spent trying to get a clear handle on what I need to do for work.  Originally it looked like I was facing a Wednesday deadline to have this work completed, however it now looks it will be sometime next week - which is much better!

Much of the rest of the day was spent on errands and Christmas preparation.  I got out and did some Christmas shopping which is actually the first Christmas shopping I have done - yikes!  Of course most of my shopping effort is focused on Zack and then my nieces and nephews.  For Zack this year I have told him not to expect an ocean of presents.  I am trying to reset his expectations from that of a child to that of a teenager.  I think he is going to be so excited about his one present that he will not even think about how many presents he gets.  The premiere present of the year is going to be a puppy.  (Zack doesn't read the blog, so it will stay a secret.)  Though I have been thinking about a puppy for a while a good friend suggested it to me and I decided it was the time to go for it!

So besides shopping I spent a bunch of time visiting the websites of various animal shelters in the Denver area.  Though I won't know until I see the pups for sure, I think I have limited my search to a couple of pups.  Of course it could be like the situation when we got Lex.  I walked into that situation expecting to get a female dog but ended up walking out with Lex - a male, simply because of his personality.

Zack enjoyed his first official day of the vacation, but he was none to happy that I made him go out and run errands with me.  "Too bad" I told him as he can't expect to spend every waking minute having fun!

All-in-all it was an OK start to the Christmas break for both of us.  Though it looks like I will have a good bit of work to do in the next 2 weeks - that will be alright as I will still have plenty of time to spend with Zack and those who I love.

I hope you all are almost ready for Christmas!

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.


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