Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Day of Rest, Paperport and Christmas Lights

Sunday is officially the day of rest in the Team-in-training scheduled.  I broke the rules today and went to the gym very early this morning and got in a 30 minute work out.  Not only am I training to complete the half marathon I am also training to utterly transform my body.  In 2011 I will turn 45 years old and I am determined to put my body into the most excellent position it can be in as I really start to enter full-fledged middle age.  My workout wasn't too bad so I won't disrupt tomorrow's Team-in-training schedule.

I have spent a huge amount of the day setting up a new program I got for my computer called PaperPort.  The whole purpose of this software is to organize all of your electronic files so that you can find the things that you want.  To help declutter the house I have been turning most of my paper files into electronic images (PDFs) of them.  However the problem starts to become when you have thousands and thousand of documents - how do you find exactly what you are looking for.  A good file structure certainly helps but it still doesn't answer all the problems.  That is where a piece of software like PaperPort comes in.  It indexes every single file you have.  So now if I type in Zack Report Card - it will bring up every PDF copy of one of Zack's report cards we have every received.  I can also store credit card and bank statements like this.  (Actually I never keep those...  you can also get copies of those from your bank/credit card company's websites.  The software is made by a company called Nuance and it is definitely worth the $99 I spent on it as it will make my life so much easier.

It has taken me several hours to get it all set up, but slowly but surely I am getting all the necessarily indexes put in place that I want to use.  I am looking forward to how it is going to simplify stuff.  (It even works with picture files too!)

On top of that I got all my outside Christmas lights ready to go.  I didn't hang them up today as I will probably do that tomorrow afternoon.  But I have all my icicle lights and the white Christmas trees ready to be put in place.  We are still working on getting all the ornaments on the tree as we literally have hundreds of them.

On another note I continue to feel absolutely devastated by the lose of Shelly.  The drugs that I am taking are helping, but I still feel so desperately in love with her.  Argh...  This is going to one long and tough winter.  I continue to look at eHarmony but I just don't have the heart to pursue anything. It sucks!!  If you are reading this Shelly - which I now totally doubt that you are - I miss you!!!

Posting early this afternoon as the Steelers are playing tonight and it is a huge game for them against the Ravens so I will be watching that this evening.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.


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