Sunday, December 26, 2010

Finnegan's Lunch!

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As promised the other day - here is some video of Finnegan.  It isn't the video when we first got him as the quality of that didn't turn out too well, so I need to spend some time editing that video if I want to post it.  I am sure this is just the first of many video's that I will post that feature the fantastic Finnegan!

We had a very nice Christmas holiday.  Christmas Eve was spent at my brother's house as Tim and Celinde were having a party.  I didn't do a formal count but including kids, I would guess that there were close to 25 people there.  Most everyone were our neighbors from Willow Creek so it was a very low key gathering but very pleasant.

Christmas morning started relatively early as Finnegan was in his kennel telling me that he needed to go out and was hungry.  So the day started with getting the little pup outside and then quickly getting him some breakfast.  Like the video shown above he scarfed that down as quickly as he could.  From there we moved into the "opening of presents" part of Christmas.  Zack of course was utterly into getting out to the Christmas tree and opening the gifts.  This year there weren't as many gifts for him as in previous years as we are making that transition from childhood Christmas to teenager Christmas.  It won't be an easy transition as he was none to thrill about getting clothes of all things for Christmas.  He made me laugh over it.  He did get a bike and a basketball hoop (one of the portable ones...).  Those were the big gifts he got. 

After gift giving time, I quickly moved into food preparation mode as I was hosting Christmas dinner at my house this year.  My menu included prime rib, cheesy potatoes, green beans with buttery garlic sauce, my cucumber/pepper/tomato salad, rolls and a lemon bundt cake for dessert. I also had lots of appetizers for us to eat before the main meal.

Tim, Celinde, Cole and Celinde's parents arrived around 4:00PM.  We didn't have that much time to sit and talk before eating the main meal because the prime rib was done shortly after they arrived.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and we all ate tons.  Of course after the meal we exchanged gifts and we all got some really cool stuff.

After the gift exchange we all sat around in food coma's talking for a good bit before it was time for our guests to leave.  Zack and I then proceeded to watch one of his gifts for the year - "Despicable Me".  I feel asleep on part of it as I was exhausted.  Bedtime came right after the movie and that was our Christmas Day.  It was a busy day but it left us feel full of warmth and joy to spend all the time together with the people we love.  (Of course for me there was one central person missing....)

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and is looking forward to the New Year ahead!

Thanks and peace to all!


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Mjs said...

I wonder if Finnegan even tasted what he was eating? lol
Nice that you all had a nice Christmas day with family....