Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why this day was so bad

Today has just been a crap day! Work has been crap and more and more work has been thrown at me. Thankfully my big project that went live in Kuala Lumpur this week continues to go well. We have had no major issues and so I continue the streak of no severity 1 issues with the go-live of this project. My team has been on a streak and we have now gone over 24 months without having a severity 1 issue on any of our project go-lives. I don’t know if it is record for IBM or not, but we certain have a right to be proud of what we have accomplished. Nancy continues to be very ill. I have had to watch out for her all day. She has been running a temperature of over 101 degrees for a majority of the day. This has made her weak and unsteady on her feet. So far she hasn’t fallen but I continue to have to keep a close watch over her. Zack also had a difficult day in the fact that after WCCK he wasn’t feeling so good but he had Sylvan this afternoon. Shortly after he got to Sylvan he went into the bathroom and threw up. They called me to come and get him as I had just arrived back at home from dropping him off. As I drove to pick him up I was on a conference call for work and I missed an incoming call from Sylvan in which the academic coordinator said Zack was feeling much better and was determined to stay and make it through the session. So I got to Sylvan only to find out that I did not need to be there. (I think he threw up from the field trip that WCCK was on today. They went to Boon Docks in Thornton by bus and I have a tendency to think he got motion sick on the bus.) Though I was very proud of Zack for his strength and determination, I was exceedingly frustrated in having driving to Sylvan, back home and then back to Sylvan. As I drove away from Sylvan I was crying tears of extreme frustration. I just so badly wanted to talk to the person from the situation I described above – but I knew I couldn’t and so I didn’t. It made no sense for me to go home again, so I spent the next 1 hour and 20 minutes driving around Highlands Ranch. I stopped at the HR Tattered Cover and went inside for a few minutes. However, my mind was in no way capable of doing anything more than just glancing at the book covers. I stayed about 5 minutes and then left. After that my day started to get a little bit better – but getting any more than just a tiny bit better was not possible because of my immense feelings of loss, hurt and pain. As I drove back to Sylvan I came across two who were in car that was disabled. They were trying to push it into a parking lot at King Soopers. Given that they were on a hill I don’t think they were going to be able to do it. So I pulled up behind them and asked if they would like me to push their car with my car. They were extremely happy to accept my offer. My car got a few scratches on the bumper as a result, but it was worth it to help out people in need. Once I got home with Zack from Sylvan I decided to call Celinde and have her see if my blood test results from Monday were in. My doctor – Kendall doesn’t work on Wednesdays so I knew I won’t be getting any results until Thursday if I waited for Kendall. Celinde quickly found my test results and read the information back to me. My cholesterol was 201, my triglycerides were 116 and my cholesterol ratio was in the good range (I forget what that was). When I had the original test done a week and a half ago, my cholesterol was 239 and my triglycerides were 587 (yes that is correct 587 no lie!). So these numbers were a significant improvement over a week and a half ago. I am sitting here at the kitchen table writing this blog post while I listen to Zack and Cole play in the family room. They are having a sleep over tonight. They are having fun and doing what kids should be doing in the summer. I hope everyone is having a great day. Thanks and peace to all! – J.

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