Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Brief Update and Going Off the Air For a Few Days....

I really meant to provide an update yesterday, but unfortunately I was just too tired. I went to bed at 11:00PM which is an exceeding unusual event for me. Zack finished school on Tuesday. He was immensely happy to be done with school. He got his report card on the last day of school. I was very proud of him for all the hard work that he put into the final trimester of school. Given his starting point for the year, he did such a good job improving throughout the entire year. When Zack started school in August of this year he was only 1.5 months away from the death of his mother. His emotional and mental state at that point was needless to say - not that good and it should in his school work. During the second trimester of the year his work definitely improved. This third trimester he really did a great job and the grades and comments in his report card showed how hard he worked. I am so proud of my boy! Yesterday - Wednesday, Zack went to his first day of summer camp. He is attending Willow Creek Cares for Kids at his elementary school. For the first day they had a "summer vacation carnival". They brought a bounce house in and had a lot of games and face painting. When I picked Zack up after camp his face was covered in a "galaxy". Instead of having his face painted in a typical way - a tiger, a lion, a monkey - he decided to have the face painting artist paint a galaxy on his face. How funny!

(Zack with the "galaxy" painted on the side of his face.)

I am going to be "going off the air" for several days as Zack and I head to scout camp for the remainder of the week. We head out this afternoon around noon for Magness. I am sure we will have a lot of fun, but I am concerned that we will run into some severe weather. Needless to say I am NOT taking a computer with me. Additionally, even with my broadband card I don't anticipate that I will have any kind of cellular access at Magness. So I will be officially off the air in terms of blog updates. I feel kind of bad as I have about 5 or 6 emails to write to people and I just don't think I will get that done before I leave. So to anyone I owe an e-mail - Sorry!!

I will take lots of pictures while we are at scout camp so I should have a lively blog entry or two when we get back. I will definitely post again by Sunday (we come back late Saturday afternoon but god knows how tired I will be by then). We hope everyone has a great day and a great upcoming weekend. Thanks and peace to all - J.

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