Friday, June 5, 2009

TIred, tired, tired.....

I am not sure what I have done to myself this week, but my level of exhaustion has reached a new high.  It could simply be that I am not allowing myself to get enough sleep per night.  Admittedly I am not very smart when it comes to managing my sleeping patterns.  I normally go to bed anywhere between 1AM and 3AM.  In the past I could sleep in a little bit later than 7AM, but on most days of the week I now have 7AM conference calls.  This requires that I am up and out of bed around 6:45AM.  So on some days I am literally getting 4 hours of sleep.  Of course I don't have any ability to nap during the day.
My theory on my tiredness is that I am not sleeping well at night because I am sleeping 100% a lone after sleeping with Zack and the dogs for the last 3 years.  Before Patty got sick I was very accustomed to sleeping alone because I travelled so much for work.  Once Patty got sick and I started staying home in the spring of 2006, I found myself sleeping with Zack and the dogs a lot.  After Patty was diagnosed and went into the hospital I slept with Zack and the dogs pretty much all the time except for the short periods of time in which I got Zack to sleep by himself in his room.  Now that I have finally won that battle once and for all, I think that I am having a hard time adjusting to the fact!  Who would have imagine that.  Zack is doing fine sleeping by himself (ok - he has the dogs sleeping with him) and I am the one having a tough time.  That's hard to imagine!  Oh well - I just have to adjust!
I am pretty sure my tiredness is just related to my sleeping patterns.  I routinely get my blood drawn and tested as a result of giving blood and platelets.  Additionally today I had a blood draw done at my doctors for my physical that I am having on June 15th.  So - I am pretty sure there isn't anything wrong with me in that fashion.
On a totally different note, next week this time Zack and I will be out camping.  We are heading to cub scout camp next Thursday and Friday.  I am sure it will be quite the adventure as we will be doing an overnight hike as part of the program.  Zack will have a ton of fun at camp.  It will be tiring for me but it will be well worth it as Zack will be loving every single second of it.  As soon as we leave on Saturday, I am sure I will hear "Dad - I want to go back to Camp Magness".
Besides being tired as all hell today really had no outstanding events take place.  I worked all day - trying valiantly to stay awake.  After Zack came home from school we did a bunch of things around the house once I was done working.  I talked to a couple of friends this afternoon who I had spoken to in a while - which is always nice.  This evening we went out and did some shopping at Super Walmart as I will be doing some entertaining on Sunday - I am having some people over so that I can put my grill to a true test.  After Walmart we went to eat at Macaroni Grille and then came home.  I spent an hour and a half on the phone this evening and now I am winding things down for the night.  Zack just went to bed in his room with the dogs.  He loves having the puppies in there with him!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Thanks and peace to all! - J.

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Pamela said...

Parenting is ALWAYS exhausting and I truly believe that we are sleep deprived from start to finish. Here's to hoping you get some much needed rest!