Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Redacted Post

Ah yes - another deleted/redacted post. I put way too much out there last night. Sometimes I wonder why I do that and then realize I want to delete the post. I think it is hard when you tend to write a lot of blogs. You become very comfortable putting your emotions out there so that they can be read. Other times you put a blog out there for a specific purpose or person. Once the message is communicated to that person or the purpose is achieved then the post is no longer needed. That is exactly what happened last night. The complexities of my life at this time are pretty immense. I cannot even begin to explain all that I feel and all that I am experiencing. At times it is so very unbelieavably hard. Yesterday was CLEARLY one of those days! Regardless of these complexities life is so very good. As we approach the one year anniversary of Patty's death, the beauty and grandeur of life continues to be revealed to me and Zack. We are living life and though it is painful at time it is so good. Anyway - time to get work. It is going to be a very long day. Thanks and peace to all!

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