Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sleep Fails Me

Agh - it is 3:35AM in the morning and sleep has failed me. This is not a good start to a new day. I really don't think that I am going to fall back asleep tonight. I have tossed and turned for the best part of a half an hour already and I just don't see sleep coming back.
So instead I will write for a little bit. I am sitting here in the absolute dark with my Mac on my lap typing away. I have Lex curled up in a ball next to me. Bay is sleeping in Zack's bedroom with Zack and Cole. When I went to get my Mac I checked in on them and they are sound asleep on Zack's bed with all the covers pushed aside. It is truly amazing how kids can sleep literally in any situation and in any position. They will have to get up somewhat early this morning as Tim will be coming to pick up Cole at 7:30AM so he can make it to swim team practice. I need to get Zack to WCCK prior to 8:30AM this morning as that is when my first conference call starts.
Zack is going on his first "hike outing" of the summer season with WCCK. They typically have a theme for each day of the week. Monday they usually try and do something cultural. Tuesday they go to the swimming pool. Wednesday is usually a day in which they do something really fun like go to Boondocks (an arcade, miniature golf, etc place). Thursday is normally a hike. And Friday them normally do something where they stay at the school. In the future I will do a blog post about all the adventures that Zack is having with WCCK.
Well - on to do more stuff. I am going to go through some back e-mail and get that cleaned up. Hopefully I will fall back asleep as it is going to make for a very, very long day.
Hope everyone else is sleeping!
Updated at 7:30AM - Yes my day just got better - LOL! Not! When I got out of bed and went to use the sink I found I had no hot water. Haven't been able to figure out what is going on with the hot water heater but that doesn't make for a good start to the day. On top of that I checked in on Nancy and she is looking worse. I am starting to wonder if she needs to be admitted to the hospital. I am going to have her call the doctor's office as soon as it opens. All-in-all Thursday isn't starting off to swift. I hope it can get on a better track.

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