Monday, June 8, 2009

Let Summer Begin!

Today was Zack’s last full day of school. He still has to go to school on Tuesday for 2.5 hours. I really wonder why they make the kids do that? I haven’t a clue. The excitement of summer is beginning to take hold in our house. Up until today Zack wasn’t that extremely excited about the end of the school year. Now he is down right thrilled and eager to get out of school. When he came home this afternoon he was saying he just wanted it to be 9PM so that he could go to bed and then wake up and go to school and get done with it for the summer. Despite the fact that it was the last full day of school he still had to go to Sylvan this afternoon. Needless to say he was NOT happy about that. He has ¼ of the Sylvan course to complete and then he is done with that also. I am telling him the sooner he gets done with Sylvan the sooner he has the entire summer to himself.
(This was Zack this evening on his last day of 4th grade! Notice he is wearing his favorites shoes - wheelies!) Last night we had our first big barbeque with the new grill. It wasn’t anything to extravagant – but I did cook pretty much everything on the grill – which was cool. I made my “hot-wing” potatoes, veggies (which I sautéd over the grill), salmon, steak, and a salad. On Saturday I had made two different batches of home made ice cream – chocolate and vanilla – which we had for dessert. All-in-all it was a really good dinner. We had Tim, Celinde and Cole and another family over. So we got the “summer” off to a really good start.

(Zack on his first day of 4th Grade. Notice how much more mature he looks in the other picture.)

I was watching the skies for a long time yesterday as there were some really severe storms taking place. There were 5 different tornados here in the Denver metro area. The worst one hit a shopping center at E470 and Smoky Hill Road. That tornado was on the ground for over 30 minutes from what they said on the news last night. I have a friend who only lives a couple of miles from there. Luckily the tornado did not do any damage to their house! We will start our first adventure of the summer barely 48 hours after Zack gets out of school. On Thursday we will be heading to Cub Scout camp at Magness. This camp is located out on the plains a few miles outside of Kiowa. The downside to this is with the severe weather we have been having we will be dodging the storms during our stay at camp. Magness has been known to get some pretty darn nasty thunderstorms. Given that Zack is a Webelos II we will get to spend a night out at a remote campsite on Friday night. I will get a chance to use some of my camping gear for the first time with him. We have camped before but he has never camped with me in a remote location like we will be in on Friday. It will be an interesting day I am sure! We hope everyone is having a great week so far (though it is Monday – ugh!). Thanks and peace to all – J.


holen1 said...

The reason for the 2.5 hours is that each district is required to have so many days of school per year. So they are completing a requirement. holen1

Jerry Kromer said...

Thanks for the explanation! I had a feeling it was some reason like that. Hope you have a good summer break.