Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Simple Post – What We Did Today

I definitely like to write, but on some days the “what to write about bug” strikes hard. I am left with not too many good ideas about which to write. Part of this is because Zack and I have done a lot of adventures recently. The weather has been such here in Colorado that it has made weekend hiking or biking trips somewhat difficult. This weekend was definitely a great example of that. We received something on the order of twenty inches of snow here in Centennial. Talk about crazy! On days like to day the only commentary I feel like providing is pretty basic – what we did on this day. Saturday night I was up pretty late because I was trying to get my blog entry posted to It didn’t work to well last night – but technology isn’t always 100%. It was just one of those minor annoyances to deal with. We got up around 7:30AM this morning and quickly got into the swing of things. For breakfast we headed out to The Egg & I on Yosemite. I had a Wisconsin scramble and Zack had an item off the kid’s menu which I can’t remember the name. He is continuing to say his stomach hurts and he didn’t feel like eating much. I am not sure if it is anxiety or what. But if it continues this week he is going to the doctor. After breakfast I wanted us to get out for a walk. Walking around here in Centennial would have been very problematic because of all the snow, so we decided to head closer to downtown. We went to Washington Park and took a couple mile walk around the perimeter of the park. Zack got to play on one of the playground sets for a while. When we were walking he stopped to pet every dog we saw! After that we headed home for the afternoon – though I did go out for a couple of hours this afternoon to get out of the house and do some shopping. Nancy was working on making a beef stew for dinner so it was nice for me not to have to worry about dinner for a change. Zack and I went over to Tim and Celinde’s for a little while to pick up some stuff that we left over there on Easter. We also wanted to congratulate Cole whose Destination Imagination (DI) group took first place in the Colorado State DI competition on Saturday. They will now be heading to the US National competition in Knoxville, Tennessee in late May. Before dinner Zack and I were hanging out in the kitchen together listening to some great classical music – Dvorak’s New World Symphony. That is one of my favorite pieces of classical music! It was a very enjoyable afternoon as he was reading and doing some homework and I was writing. Nancy’s beef stew was good. Zack was not happy with it though as he didn’t like all the vegetables that were in it. After dinner we decided to watch Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the Clones. Zack has been playing a Star Wars Lego video game for the last month or two so I think it is actually good for him to see the whole Star Wars saga. I know they aren’t the greatest of films but they are still quintessential Hollywood films. If you haven’t seen the Stars Wars films you are definitely missing something. Today’s pictures are our daily photos that we took today. I am still working with the Z-man for him to get the right perspective for each shot. I think that will take some time. I will be getting a new camera tripod here in the coming weeks so I will be able to start using the timer again and hopefully will have better results. That’s our story for the day. I do feel that I will have a lot more to write about later in the week. I have been thinking of lots of things I just haven’t yet had the desire to put them down in a file. (Zack holding his book that he got from Tim and Celinde for Easter.) (Me saying something to Zack and him catching my in the action.) We hope everyone has a great Monday! Thanks and peace to all!

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