Monday, April 13, 2009

The House O'Barf

You can probably tell what is going on in my life based upon the title of today's post. Illness has struck our little old home on E. Otero Place. The issues began this morning shortly after Zack got up. He started complaining that his stomach hurt. Being Mr. Mom - I promptly ignored him! I thought it was a bit of drama because he didn't want to go to school. Or alternatively it was caused by the fact that he hadn't taken his Lexapro yesterday. Lexapro is the anti-anxiety drug that Zack has taken since Patty became ill. When you don't take it for a day you can get an upset stomach and headache. Being the firm believer in mind over your body, I told Zack he needed to deal with it and go to school. Admittedly that probably isn't the most sympathetic thing for a parent to say. As I always say - I am a great Dad but not the best Mom. Unfortunately, I have to be both the Dad and the Mom to this little boy. I can be a little lacking in the nuturing aspect. (Yes - I don't candy coat my life. I just put it all out there! How silly is that?) Needless to say it wasn't caused by the Lexapro or Zack not wanting to go to school - he was simply sick. He was a trooper and tried to make it through school. However, I ended up getting the call from the school nurse around 10:00AM. Zack is quite familar with the school nurse and she has developed a pretty good routine for dealing with him having stomach aches. But when she called me this morning she basically said everything she had tried wasn't working so he should probably go home. I picked him up and got him home. I still wasn't sure what was going on, but I knew if the nurse hadn't been able to get him over it, he probably was actually sick. During my lunch hour Nancy and I had to go out to H&R Block to sign our tax forms. Since Zack was home he had to come with us. No sooner had we arrived at the H&R Block office than Zack promptly puked all over the sidewalk in front of the office. Umm - not good! Turns out we have some kind of stomach bug going through the house. Nancy has been in the bathroom puking at least 3 or 4 times this evening. Though I haven't had any physical manifestations of the illness my stomach certainly has not felt good. I really thought I was going to puke tonight until I got a phone call and spent the next 2 hours talking - that distracted me from thinking about my stomach and now I feel pseudo-OK. Thankfully no one else from our Easter celebration yesterday has picked this up as I would assume Zack was probably contagious at that point. You just never know when the illness thing is going to strike. So that is our story for the day. Not much going on except for barfing! As always - thanks and peace to all!

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