Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Portrait Project

A couple of years ago I did a project where I took a picture of Zack every day of the year. I have been thinking of doing this again.
While Zack and I were out at dinner tonight we talked about doing a portrait project again. Zack had cub scouts this evening and then we went to the food court at the mall to get some dinner afterwards. After a bit of discussion we decided that we would do it. So we started with some pictures from my iPhone. I left my good camera at Tim and Celinde's on Easter so until I can get to their house to retrieve it we will be doing the pictures via the iPhone. I won't post most of these pictures to the blog, but I will go ahead and post some of the memorable ones.
Today's pictures aren't particularly memorable - they are just the first. We took them inside the Park Meadows food court in front of the massive fireplace that dominates the space. So without further commentary - here are today's portrait pictures.
(I almost don't want to post this one it is so bad. Zack caught me with some kind of really weird pained expression on my face.)

(The light from the fire definitely made it hard to take the pictures.)

I am keeping this way short tonight because it is really, really late. I am having my carpets cleaned tomorrow morning so I have to be up really early to get everything moved out of the way before the cleaners come. On top of that fact I have a conference call that I have to be up for at 6;30AM. So... I REALLY NEED to go to bed

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